Safeguarding at Oakley Primary

Safety Information for Visitors

We hope that your visit will be enjoyable, informative and safe. Please help us by reading and complying with the guidance contained within this webpage, which is intended to ensure your health and safety whilst at Bedford Academy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff who will be happy to help.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2022

Prevent Guidance


All visitors and contractors coming into the Academy must sign in at Reception using our electronic system. Please ensure your visitors pass and lanyard are clearly visible at all times.


• Contractors must ensure that they follow any health and safety guidelines that may apply.
• Contractors working within school hours must hold a valid DBS enhanced disclosure certificate and produce a copy or details thereof.

Mobile Phones/Photographs

We operate and promote a ‘phone free environment’ at Oakley Primary Academy. Visitors may not use mobile phones anywhere on site, including taking photographs of the Academy, staff or students.

Fire and Evacuation

• Your host will explain what to do in the case of emergencies and fire alarms

• The alarm is a continuous bell. You must leave the building by the nearest fire exit
• Stay with your host as they will escort you to the assembly point and ensure that you are recorded as present
• Do not take any personal risks
• You must not re-enter the building until told it is safe to do so.

Lockdown Procedure

• The school has a lockdown procedure that is used in emergencies only. This only happens when there is an immediate threat to staff and student safety
• Please follow staff guidance if a lockdown situation does occur and await further instructions from staff who will take you to the nearest safe place.

First Aid

If you need first aid or feel unwell, please report to the Academy’s Reception where you can be seen by a qualified first aider. A list of current first aiders can be found on the inside of the office door.

Smoking and Vaping

Bedford Academy operates a no smoking policy. Please do not smoke or vape anywhere on the Academy site. If you do wish to smoke, then please leave the school site and away from any school signage.

Car Parking

• All vehicles and their contents are left at the owner’s risk
• Please be aware that space is very tight and if you do block someone in please inform the office upon arrival.


Oakley Primary Academy has signed up with the Borough to be part of a school notification service where incidents of abuse have been reported to Bedfordshire Police from households where children reside and are on roll.
Please click on the link below for further details and if you have any queries, please contact Sarah Litchfield at school on 01234 822104.


OFSTED definition:

• Protecting children from maltreatment
• Preventing impairment of children's health or development
• Ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care
• Taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes.

It is everyone's responsibility to RECOGNISE and RESPOND to any concerns about the welfare of a child or young person.

Safeguarding Guidance for Staff and Visitors to the Academy

Adults visiting or working on the Academy site play an important part in the life of the school. Please observe the following guidelines:

• Do not give any personal information to students, such as your mobile number or email address
• Do not give students details of your personal social network accounts or engage in any communication with students using social networking sites.

If a student makes a disclosure to you, do not promise confidentiality; explain that you will need to talk to someone else. Inform the designated senior person for child protection.

If you have any concerns that a student may be at risk of harm, report it immediately to the Designated Persons or the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for child protection,
who can be contacted at reception.

Designated Persons at Oakley Primary Academy

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Sarah Litchfield (Principal), the Deputy Safeguarding Leads are Dawn Hulatt and Julie Atherton.

The role of the DSLs is to ensure students are safe by responding to safeguarding alerts and following these through to ensure appropriate action is taken.

This includes proactively working with students, families and external agencies to ensure students’ needs are identified and met. DSLs are all appropriately trained and attend regular meetings to ensure everyone is working together to safeguard the students at Oakley Primary Academy.

Contact Information

Oakley Primary Reception: 01234 822104

Oakley Primary Site Team: 07934 899008

Integrated Front Door (previously MASH): email: or call 01234 718700 (office hours) or 0300 300 8123 (out of hours)

Safeguarding Children Board-Bedford Borough Council:

Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO): or call 01234 276693

NSPCC Whistleblowing: or call 0800 028 0285

If there is a child protection emergency or an allegation made against a member of staff, you must pass this on to the Academy Principal:

If an allegation is made against the Headteacher, the Chair of Governors must be informed,
please write to: Chair of Governors, Leo Jones c/o Oakley Primary Academy, Station Road, Oakley, MK43 7RE or email

If an allegation is made against the Chair of Governors, please contact: CEO of CMAT, Mark Woods,

If you have an emergency safeguarding issue and cannot contact the school, contact the police directly on 101


Thank you for helping to keep Oakley Primary Academy safe.

Welcome to Oakley Primary Academy

I would like to welcome you to Oakley Primary Academy. We are a friendly village school with exciting times ahead as we begin our journey of being part of the newly formed Meridian Trust. We work closely with all the schools within the Trust, as well as other schools and pre-schools in the local area. This enables us to share expertise, good practice and learn and move forward together. The close links we have with the pre-schools enable us to really get to know the pupils and their families before they join the Early Years.

We are proud to be a ‘Values School’. The values we teach are modelled by our staff members and through our teaching of the curriculum. We are a supportive and hardworking team, where all stakeholders are valued and listened to.

At Oakley Primary Academy we deliver the National Curriculum through a creative curriculum so that learning is creative, fun, and meaningful. There is a clear progression of knowledge in each subject to enable children to grow in all areas and be successful, not only academically, but in daily life.

We work very closely with the families of our school and acknowledge the importance of close home/school links.

We have an open-door policy and there is always someone available if you wish to talk.

I am extremely proud of our school and of all the hard work from our pupils, families, staff, and governors.

Please visit our website to find out more about Oakley Primary.

Sarah Litchfield